We love to photograph genuine

We, SIMMER AND SIMMER, Natalia and Jakub by names, love capturing genuine moments; whether it is a wedding, family picnic, or a walk with a favourite person to a favourite place. If you are looking for photos of genuine laughter, genuine tears, genuine love, it would be our joy to capture them for you.

Our stories, backgrounds, and personalities reflect our work with the camera. It displays how we see things through our lenses. Photos of shapes, lines, and cubes are likely taken by Jakub; while details, moments, emotions, and movements are by Natalia.

About us

Natália was raised in a beautiful Slovak valley with a heart focused on building relationships. She is a coffee lover passionate about the outdoors, literature, Social Science, composing songs, and loves putting down all the thoughts.

Jakub works as an Electric Designer, yet is passionate about all kinds of Design. He likes having things organized and looking balanced. He enjoys refreshing his mind in calm nature, surrounded by mountains and rocks.

All photos of us taken beautifully by Kristy Deer.